Competition Rules

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Internal Competitions

There are 4 competitions spread throughout the season – all judged externally by a SPF approved judge. The marks awarded for first 3 competitions form a league in which the highest cumulative score wins one of our awards at the end of the season. In addition, there is an Annual Competition (see below).

Each competition is judged on 3 separate categories:

  • Monochrome prints (Black & White or toned)
  • Colour prints
  • Projected Digital Images (Colour or monochrome)

In addition, the league competitions are divided for judging purposes and awards into a Beginners and Advanced sections. The Beginners section is primarily aimed at those relatively new to photography. Members will be advised in which section they should compete at the registration at the start of the season.

Entries are limited to a maximum of 3 per category (9 in total).  There is no requirement to enter the maximum number in any or all of the categories.

Only the best image in each category will count towards your score for the league.

Subjects for the league competitions are either open (any subject matter) or themed.  Please check the syllabus for more details.

All competition entries must be the sole and original work of the member, including all processing or manipulation (digital or otherwise). The only exception is that prints may be produced by a commercial printer, if desired. The use of any image (or part, including layers, textures and clipart)) from an external source is not permitted.

Print entries must be mounted on a display board measuring 500 by 400mm, although the method of mounting is at the discretion of the photographer. Prints must be no smaller than 150 x 100mm (6”x 4”) and no larger than 500 x 400mm (20” x16”). The member ID number and title of the image should be on the back of the mount, but not your name.  Prints must be submitted directly to the competition secretaries who will confirm acceptance.  Entries must not be placed in competition boxes or simply left in the club rooms.

Digital Images must be submitted in jpg format only (sRGB) and should be resized to a maximum of 1600px horizontal by 1200px vertical for landscape, or for portrait format the horizontal size should be 1200px. Neither the image or filename must show your name. The filename should only contain the member ID number and title of the image, eg 100_Title.jpg.

Digital images should be submitted on an USB memory stick to be left in the collection box. The memory stick must only contain the competition entry and no other images or files. Alternatively, entries can be emailed to the competition secretary on or before the competition hand-in date. Your memory stick will be returned to you by the competition secretary, normally one week after the submission deadline.

Prints and digital images may only be submitted once for league competitions and may also may not be entered again in another category.  The only exception is the Annual Competition where prints or images previously entered for a league competition may be submitted again, although new images are particularly welcome.


Annual Competition

The Annual Competition is an Open competition for all members with no distinction between beginners and more experienced photographers.  Members may choose to resubmit their best prints or images previously used in league competitions but new images are also encouraged. The same 3 categories of monochrome and colour prints and Projected Digital Images are used, with a maximum of 3 entries per category for each member.  There are awards for the best image in each of the 3 categories.  All prints and images must comply with the rules applicable to the league competitions.

4-On-A-Board Competition

This competition requires submission of a collection of 4 separate prints to be mounted on a single 500 x 400mm (20” x 16”) board.  This is an informal competition and will be judged by the current club chairman.  There is no requirement for the images to have any specific theme, but they should work together as a collection.  Entries may be in colour, monochrome or a combination of both.   There is no digital image equivalent, it is confined to prints only.

External Inter-Club Competitions

3-Way Digital Competition

This is an annual competition held between St Andrews Photographic Society, Kinross Camera Club and Cupar Camera Club.  The requirements are:

  • Each club enters a Maximum of 15 Projected Digital Images
  • No individual club member may submit more than 3 images
  • The digital image must not display the title, identify the photographer or club name
  • Digital files should comply with current SPF guidelines

Fife Inter- Club Championship

Fife Inter- Club Championship

This is an annual 5-way competition held between Dunfermline Photographic Association, Cupar Camera Club, Kirkcaldy Photographic Society, St Andrews Photographic Society and Glenrothes Camera Club.  The requirements are:

  • Each club enters a maximum of 8 monochrome prints, 8 colour prints and 8 digital images
  • No individual club member may enter more than 2 images per category
  • Images must not be more than 2 years old and not previously submitted in this competition
  • While there is no restriction on subject matter, the aim of the competition is to present the best in pictorial photography by club members
  • Prints may be of any size, suitably mounted on boards (no metal, fasteners or Velcro tabs) not exceeding 500 x 400mm (20” x 16”). The title only must be clearly printed on the reverse
  • Projected digital images must comply with SPF guidelines
  • Judging will be carried out by a panel of judges who must be SPF approved and appointed by the organising club

 There are several awards associated with this competition.


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